How to Update Contact Information

As the year progresses, you might want to update your contacts, here's how.

We strive to add the best contact lists possible to Possip to ensure we are reaching all of your potential responders. 

You may be wondering, how can I update my contacts' information? 

  • One-off updates for a school: To add, remove, or update contact information for one person or a handful of contacts, use this form as often as you need.
  • One-off updates for a district or network: Share changes in a spreadsheet weekly or biweekly. It will help if this spreadsheet has the following columns: School Name, Parent First Name, Parent Last Name, Cell Phone, Email, Action Needed (Add new contact, remove old contact, update existing contact). 
  • Updating an entire list: If you have had big changes to your contact list because of enrollment or other reasons, Possip offers two opportunities throughout the year to refresh your contact list. We will call for updates in October and December. 
  • Continuous updates: We love to explore the best ways to connect to your most current data. If you are in need of continuous updates, please reach out to and we can explore together how to make this happen. Please note that some development or costs might be associated. 

If you have more questions about updating contact information, please email