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How to Format and Upload a Contact List for Family Pulse Checks

Not integrating Possip with your SIS? Follow these instructions to successfully export a list of contacts we can import for your Pulse Checks®.

Formatting a List

Your spreadsheet can be formatted using a spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Download a spreadsheet you can use here.

When pulling a contact list from your Student Information System or staff database, please export the following columns into a spreadsheet: 

Please note, if you are unable to provide all of the following fields, it is okay. The most important fields are in bold below (student first and last name, and student grade; contact/guardian first and last name, email, and phone). Providing language preference will also enable us to send Pulse Checks in a contact's preferred language. 

  • Student ID
  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Student Grade
    • Please use the grade codes listed in the sample spreadsheet in your export. For example: PK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.
  • Contact ID (parent/guardian) Not required - but some schools like to include.
  • Contact (parent/guardian) First Name
    • Please only include primary contacts to avoid sending to secondary and tertiary contacts.
  • Contact (parent/guardian) Last Name
  • Guardianship
    • Indicate whether the contact is a mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, etc). Not required - but some schools like to include.
  • Contact (parent/guardian) Email
  • Contact (parent/guardian) Phone
  • Contact Phone Type
    • If you know it, include the phone type of mobile, landline, or undefined in this field). Not required - but some schools like to include.
  • Contact (parent/guardian) Language
    • Contacts can change this if they prefer a language other than the one you select. Click here for a list of languages Possip translates.
  • School Name

NOTE: If there are multiple students affiliated with a contact, please list each student as a separate line item (row). See below for an example:

Formatting Contact Lists for Multiple Schools

If you are preparing contact lists for multiple schools at once, use the "school name" column to indicate which school with which each student is affiliated. 

All of your contacts need to be in one tab. So, if your data export creates a tab or workbook for each school, create a blank “All Contacts” tab and copy and paste the data from each individual tab. 

Need instructions on formatting and uploading a contact list for Staff or Team Pulse Checks? Read this article.

Uploading a List

When you are ready to upload your new contact list, please complete the following steps.

STEP 1: Log in to https://www.weeklypossip.com/login


STEP 2: Click on “Documents” and “Add Document” and attach your document. 

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 1.31.47 PM

STEP 3: Click “Save.”  

Note: Make sure you leave the setting on "public" to allow Possip and any admin on your team with login credentials to view it. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 3.12.08 PM

Have a question about formatting, uploading your contact list, or starting Pulse Checks? Please email support@possip.com.


Need instructions for formatting a list of staff or student contacts? Follow these instructions for staff and these instructions for students.