District Report Overview

Possip's report for district and network administrators provides data after every Pulse Check®!

The District Pulse Check Report is your resource to easily view insights on engagement, performance, and feedback across your district or network. 

If you are a district or network admin, log in to https://www.weeklypossip.com/login. From the Welcome Page, click on "District Pulse Check Reports" to be taken to your latest District Pulse Check Report.

District PC Reports

Here's an overview of what you'll find in your Pulse Check report: 

The "You Have Heard From %" in the top menu bar is your overall response rate. It's calculated by taking the number of responders divided by school enrollment, which is a field in the district settings page and typically added through NCES data.
Under the Response Rate breakdown is the Pulse Check Response Rate, the percentage of contacts you heard from during that one particular Pulse Check™, which is lower than the overall percentage.

Priority Topics

Priority topics highlight the most frequently mentioned, trending topics for your community. Quickly identify overall needs and opportunities for development, and see direct comments in one place. It will help you lean into the most essential topics of specific feedback.

You can view priority topics by going to the Report's main screen and scrolling through the Priority section.

Digging Deeper into Results by School

Below each section you see the option to click and "View All" this will take you to a new view with more detailed information


Sentiment Rates

Overall sentiment rates help you compare happiness at schools across your organization. This page allows you to easily visualize and sort the sentiment data by school as well as export it in different formats. You can:

  • Identify commonalities amongst schools with the highest and lowest happiness
  • Celebrate schools achieving high happiness
  • Track happiness, which can be a leading indicator of student enrollment and staff retention

Sentiment image

Learn more about the Sentiment Question here.


Response Rates

In this view you can see your Pulse Check Responses, the number of Text or Email Responses, and the Response Rate.  You can sort by different metrics and export the data in a variety of file formats. 

Response rates indicate the percentage of a contact list that has responded to each Pulse Check. Response Rates can indicate what schools could benefit from additional support or promotion in order to increase engagement. In order to learn why a response rate is low, you can dig deeper into a School's Dashboard to research if a high percentage of contacts are unreachable.

RR Image

Priority Topics

In the Priority Topics drill-down view you can easily see the total comments for Follow Ups, Trending Topics Summary, Hot Topics Detail, and Bonus Question Analysis. Clicking the drill down, on the far right-hand side,  allows you to see the specific comments. 

Report Views

See if Possip Feedback Reports™ are being read by principals and school leaders. You will find Report Views by clicking on Sentiment Rates. Report Views may also impact Response Rates, which help indicate if schools are engaged with feedback or would benefit from 360 practices for follow-up. 

Report views

Distribution of Praise & Feedback

Quickly understand what category most comments fall into, and what types of praise and feedback your contacts share. 

Distribution of praise and feedback by category displayed in a pie chart with the categories: teacher, academic, social, and operations.

Wow Praise and Wow Feedback 

A quick snapshot of notable praise and feedback through direct comments from the Pulse Check. 

 Wow praise and wow feedback tab with teacher and staff comments highlighted. The other categories are operations, academic, community & culture.

Use the email and copy buttons anywhere they appear on district reports to easily share out a comment.

A parent comment with the email and copy buttons circled next to them.

Contact support@possip.com to review your Pulse Check Report with Possip's Experience & Support Team.

Want to learn more or have ideas for other stats you would like to see? Possip learns what tools and resources are needed through your feedback! Share your ideas here.