The School Dashboard

View the schools dashboard to check out year-to-date insights available now and any time.

The school dashboard is your resource to easily view insights on engagement and feedback from the year. 

If you are a school admin, log in to From the new Welcome Page, click on "Dashboard" to be taken to your new school dashboard! 

Possip welcome page with the "Dashboard" button circled.

If you are a district admin seeking to view this information for a particular school or staff account, go to your "schools" tab, select the account you want to view, and then select "Data Quality Dashboard" from the dashboard dropdown menu.

Here's an overview of what you'll find in your School Dashboard:

Introducing the Sentiment Score

The Sentiment Score helps you understand how to measure sentiment and parent happiness captured throughout the year. Log in to see your Sentiment Score and learn more about the point system for the Sentiment Score. See how your contacts' sentiment is distributed, and better understand the numbers behind your Sentiment Score. 

New Voices & Overall Engagement

Learn the numbers and confidently tell the story of growing engagement! The top menu displays a snapshot of engagement:

  • How many contacts you're reaching (i.e. Active Contacts)
  • How many Pulse Checks were sent by SMS and email
  • How many Pulse Check were taken by SMS and email

"Cumulative # of Unique Total Contacts Heard From" tells your story of growing engagement - it displays the number of contacts you have reached at any point throughout the year. 

Priority Topics

Priority topics highlight the most frequently mentioned, trending topics for your school or staff this year. Quickly identify categories of needs and opportunities for development. Click on a date to be directed to a Pulse Check Report and real comments. Priority Topics can help you summarize feedback from the year and prepare for the future. 

Priority topics in Pulse Checks, there's a column for type (hot, medium or cool), topic, occurrence, and date.

Distribution of Praise & Feedback

Quickly understand what category most comments fall into, and what types of praise and feedback your contacts share. 

Distribution of praise and feedback percentages by category (teacher, academic, social, and operations) mapped in a pie chart.

Languages of Respondents

This visual of language distribution among responders will help you understand what percentage of Pulse Checks are being sent in different languages. 

If you notice that the map doesn't represent your school's demographics - get in touch and we'll partner to reach more parents in their language of preference!

Contact to review your Dashboard with the CX team.

Want to learn more or have ideas for other stats you would like to see? Possip learns what tools and resources are needed through your feedback. Share your ideas here!