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Best Practices for Getting People Invested in Possip

How to engage your people and encourage them to give feedback.

Some of your contacts will be engaged from Day 1 and want to share their thoughts. Others might need some motivation for filling out their Pulse Checks®. To that end, we've collected some best practices that Possip Partners have used to get great engagement in Possip.

  1. Tell People WHY You're Using Possip - One of the most crucial first steps to getting people on board with Possip Pulse Checks is clearly stating your purpose in asking for their thoughts and re-enforcing this routinely. 
  2. Keep Pulse Checks Routine and Relevant - Routines are helpful for people when it comes to communication. You can make the Pulse Checks more relevant and keep your contacts engaged by using Bonus Questions™. Check out these articles for examples of Possip Bonus Questions. 
  3. Provide Appreciation and Incentives - Showing gratitude for responders helps them understand that their voice is being heard and it is valued. Reach out to a handful of your contacts who responded each week via phone, email, or other communication methods just to personally say “thank you” for taking the time to respond.
  4. Use Multiple Methods to Publicize Pulse Checks - You can increase response rates by reminding your contacts to take the survey on your social media sites, sending out an email or robocall, putting a reminder in a newsletter the day before or after sending a Pulse Check, or sending a reminder on apps like Class Dojo or Talking Points. One principal we work with gets on the loudspeaker and encourages students to take their Pulse Check. Another puts a sign in the front of the school so parents can see it from the car line. We've created promo resources for you to help spread the word.
  5. Tell Them What You Heard - People can get easily frustrated when they communicate their needs or thoughts and get no response. Let your community what you heard. It helps them get invested and understand that someone is actually reading their text messages. You can use these social media templates and also lean on Possip. Our add-on service, the 360 Script™, summarizes trends and praise from each report in easily-understood language so you can easily share a quick message to the community and increase investment. If you are interested in learning more about our 360 offering, reach out to support@possip.com
  6. Use Possip Champions - Use your staff and family members who respond to Possip Pulse Checks consistently to hype up Possip to their peers. Some partners create marketing materials with those champions to promote using Possip or share their testimonials on social media outlets.
  7. Invest Your Staff in Possip - Get your staff invested in the purpose of Possip, too! Many respondents give staff or specific teacher shout-outs in Possip Pulse Checks. This can increase everyone's excitement and anticipation to share their thoughts and hear what others have to say through Possip. For ideas to effectively use praise that comes in through Possip, read this article! (Use code POSSIPPARTNER to access our Membership Portal for free!)
  8. Correct Contact Information & Target Non-Responders - Make sure you have correct contact information in your system. This is a huge barrier to seeing as much success as possible with response rates for Possip.

Have questions? Reach out to support@possip.com

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