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English and Spanish Social Media Graphics Announcing Possip to Parents

Share these graphics to let families know you are partnering with Possip.

Leading up to your first Pulse Check®, it's important to let families know what to expect. Sharing a graphic in English or Spanish can be a quick way to get the message out on social media or in a newsletter. Even after Pulse Checks begin, it's great to re-share relevant graphics to encourage your families to keep responding!

We'd love to see what you share! You can follow and tag Possip on social media @PossipIt on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Find us here on LinkedIn!

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Here is a sample message you can share:

 "Your voice matters! We need to hear what's working for you and what you need. This year we will send routine text messages and emails with a few simple questions asking for feedback on your experience with school. You will receive these messages from Possip, an organization we have partnered with to learn your needs. Thank you!” 

Shorter social media copy:

  • @Possipit Pulse Checks® start this week! Share your voice! #Possip #Feedback #Survey
  • @Possipit Pulse Checks® begin soon! We want your feedback to improve our school community!
  • Reminder: @Possipit Pulse Checks® are a great way to keep us updated on your needs! Make sure to reply to the survey today! #Possip #Feedback #Survey