Best Practices for Starting Staff Pulse Checks

Starting Staff Pulse Checks®? Read these best practices!

First, choose a start date in the middle of the week. We send staff Pulse Checks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when staff are more energized to share praise and feedback.

When starting staff Pulse Checks, share why and how you are doing Pulse Checks. Draft a note to staff that includes this one-pager and the following points:

  1. The reason you are starting Staff Pulse Checks, and what you want to learn. 
  2. Who will read reports. Team members want to know that their responses are being read by trusted leaders with the power to follow-up or create change. 
  3. How anonymity works. At the end of Pulse Checks, participants can reply "yes" or "no" to a question on whether they'd like to remain anonymous– this is important to share! Even if there is a trusted point-person overseeing Staff Pulse Checks, team members want to feel empowered to authentically share without fear of backlash. 
  4. Set expectations for participation. Let staff know how often they will receive Pulse Checks (monthly, biweekly, weekly, etc) and set expectations for when and what to share.
  5. Share plans on how you will incorporate staff feedback. Routinely sharing back what you've learned can reinforce participation in Staff Pulse Checks because team members genuinely feel heard.

Looking for social media graphics? Here are some examples you can use.

Here's a communication template you can use ⬇️

This year, we're getting a pulse on your experience! 

We're sending Possip Pulse Checks® to our staff to learn if you are happy in your work, and what praise, ideas, questions, or other feedback you have. 

How we're handling confidentiality

When you take the Pulse Check®, you will be offered anonymity and can answer if you want to share your name or not. If you choose not to share your name, we won't see who submitted the comment. The following point person or people will view responses: (insert names).


We ask everyone to participate. You will get a Pulse Check® by text and email once a {insert frequency}. Reply by your preferred method. In just a few minutes you can make a big contribution to our team!

You'll hear back! 

The feedback you share through Possip helps us lean into areas of growth, encourage other staff members with praise you've shared, and get in front of concerns. After every Pulse Check®, we'll compile a note to the staff summarizing what we heard. In this summary, some praise and feedback quotes may be shared anonymously, and we'll address any questions or concerns that surfaced in the Pulse Checks. Thank you in advance for participating. If you have any questions, reach out to {insert point person's name and contact information}. 


    Have a question about Staff Pulse Checks or preparing your team? Email us at