Understanding Inactive Contacts

You've been exploring the Data Quality Dashboard and want to learn more about Inactive Contacts...

From the Data Quality Dashboard you can see reasons contacts are considered "inactive." Learn more about these definitions and other relevant terms below.  

Opted-out: People whose numbers were mistakenly contacted can opt-out, along with anyone who doesn't want to receive the messages anymore. If listed as 'opted out,' this contact has messaged STOP to their Pulse Check - asking not to receive SMS Pulse Checks. They may still receive email Pulse Checks.   These families will show up on reports as "Account Deactivated"

Account deactivation

Undefined: These contacts have been removed from receiving Pulse Checks for a variety of reasons: unenrolled, wrong number, etc. Possip will note contacts who have asked to be removed in your Pulse Check Report.  These families will show up on reports as "Account Deactivated"

Unreachable: These are contacts who have a landline listed as a phone number rather than a mobile number able to receive SMS. 

Unsubscribed: These are contacts who received the web Pulse Checks by email and chose to unsubscribe. They may still receive SMS Pulse Checks. 

Possip provides these lists to better enable you to understand your audience of non-responders.  While it may be useful to learn more about why these contacts have unengaged, we encourage you to lean into the feedback shared each and every Pulse Check - it's so valuable! 

Read this article to learn how to access your list of unreachable contacts from your Data Quality Dashboard.