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SIS Integration with Possip

Integrate your SIS with Possip through a partnership with GG4L.

We're always considering ways to improve our tech and experience! Some of our school partners have expressed a desire to affiliate student information with parents in Possip. In an effort to initiate this, we offer Student Information System (SIS) integration with our platform through a partnership with Global Grid for Learning (GG4L). This will more easily enable you to connect parent contacts with students in your school or district!

Through GG4L, student and parent contacts in your SIS will be added to Possip.  Integration is most helpful for networks and districts and ensures that your contact data matches your SIS across all of your schools. 

If you decide you would like to integrate, we recommend involving your IT/tech contacts as early in the process as possible.  We will connect them to our contacts at GG4L who will onboard your organization through their steps, including a customer intake survey to determine integration capabilities. 

If you would like to integrate Possip with your SIS, please email us at support@possip.com and include your IT/Tech contact's information and we will provide you with next steps.


About the GG4L Process

1. Will GG4L use our data beyond the partnership with Possip? Never! "Data ownership of district data at all times and in all circumstances remains exclusively with the school district. As a school district, you have complete control of and responsibility for your data." Read more from the GG4L Privacy Policy here

2. Is there an additional cost for setup? Nope. For now we will handle any costs related to your GG4L integration!

3. How do I know my SIS is compatible with GG4L? When you email us to express your interest in the integration, we will send you an onboarding survey, which will help the GG4L team know if they'll be able to integrate your contacts into Possip.

4. How long will the setup process take? Set up time varies depending on when your team can complete the integration steps and the SIS system your school or district uses. Once GG4L receives your data, this may take a couple of weeks to complete.

5. How often will my data be updated in Possip once I complete the sync? Our tech team re-syncs Possip with your SIS according to your Pulse Check® cadence. Therefore, your SIS will be re-synced with Possip before your next Pulse Check.

NOTE: Updates may not always be instantaneous. If you use a SFTP connection, you will need to ensure your updated file is sent to your SFTP for it to upload and sync.

6. What if I don't want to integrate with GG4L? No problem! You're still able to import student data and parent contact information directly through Possip using an Excel file. Read this article for instructions on preparing your contact lists for our team.

About the Info Schools/Districts Provide to Possip through GG4L

1. Should I share all numbers or only the cell field knowing some cells might be in other fields? Only provide the cell field.

2. Should I provide parent names if they don't have contact information? Nope. Do not provide parent names if they do not have any contact information.

3. How do you handle parents with multiple students in the same school yet different grades? We look at data by the student, so we’ll get each students name. Please see the sample spreadsheet/CSV included here for a visual. The column for students will be unique, but parents might appear several times (next to all of their children). If a parent has multiple students at one school, they only get sent one Pulse Check.

Have an additional question? Email us at support@possip.com!