How to Check Your Documents

The 'Documents' section of your account includes contact lists you've uploaded and can include information exports or special reports.

If you've uploaded a contact list or different document to Possip, you might want to revisit it. Do so by checking your "Documents" page.

STEP 1: Log in to

STEP 2: Click "Documents" in the Welcome Page.

The Sample Possip Documents Page, which includes an "Add Document" button and a sample contact list next to a cloud with an arrow symbol to indicate downloading a list, and a trash can to indicate deleting a list. A drawn yellow circle is around a down arrow by school year. This arrow can be used to switch between school years.

Click the cloud icon to download a document and the red trash button to delete a document. Toggle between years by clicking the down arrow by the school year.

Need instructions for uploading a contact list? Read this article.