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Read First: Best Practices for Creating Contact Lists

Before you format and upload your contact lists, learn more about the contact information that will help your Pulse Checks® reach the most respondents.

We strive to help you add the best contact lists possible to Possip so we can ensure we are reaching all of your potential responders. 

In this article, we refer to your audience of potential responders as "users." These users may be staff, family members, or students depending on your Possip service.

Contact Methods 

  • It's best to reach users by email and text. Provide both email addresses and cell phone numbers for users, if available. 
  • If you have more than one phone number for a user and aren't able to differentiate between landline and cell phone numbers, include all phone numbers available. 


  • Possip sends, receives, and translates in over 100 languages
  • Our Pulse Checks enable your contacts to communicate in their preferred language.
  • We learn a contact's language through one of three ways:
    • You include it in your contact list
    • A user specifies what language they need when they take a Pulse Check 
    • A user updates their language preference through a registration link you shared

Providing a language in your data means your contacts will get Possip in their preferred language from the very first message. We encourage you to include language preferences if you know them, even if only for some users. 

Demographic Data: 

We only require a few essential fields to add a user to Possip, but if you have additional information readily available, we can use this data to enrich data analytics and hand-crafted reports.

You can read more about privacy guidelines or our stance on student data in our terms of use.

Ready to format and upload your contact lists? Get the correct instructions from this article!