The Advantages of Using Possip Pulse Checks

Possip Pulse Checks® provide simplicity, clear data and analysis, and historical trends.

Partnering with Possip to collect feedback from staff, students, parents, and/or community members provides your team a wealth of information and resources that go beyond what a traditional survey provides. Here are a few key points:

1. Data and Analysis - After a Pulse Check, Possip organizes data into graphs and charts that can easily be accessed on the platform.

2. Historical Data - The Possip Platform allows you to track your data over time and, with just a few clicks, you can see how each respondent has answered in the past. 

3. Feedback Organized Into Actionable Items - Information on respondents who need follow-up is organized and highlighted by topic with contact information if provided.

3.  Possip Uses SMS to Distribute Texts - Using SMS allows people who may not have access to wifi to participate in the Pulse Check, increasing the reach of the survey.

4. Possip Pulse Checks are Short and Simple - Forcing simplicity (sometimes the ability to ask 20 questions gives too much latitude) allows people to share their top concerns quickly. 

5. Available to be Delivered in Languages - When people opt-in to Possip, they can choose the language in which they receive their Pulse Checks. Their responses are then translated into English for you. 

6.  Anonymous Feedback - Respondents have the ability to complete a Pulse Check without having to input their contact information, a key feature of Possip to help built trust and ensure your community knows you are open to their unfiltered feedback.

Possip Pulse Checks offer several more advantages over surveys.  If you have questions about any specific features send us an email at