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Teacher Appreciation & Praise BQs

Sample Bonus Questions™ that give your community the chance to share praise.

BQs for Families

  • What is one specific way your student has grown academically or socially since being at [school name]? 1) Organizational skills, 2) Study skills, 3) Academic progress, 4) Improved time management, 5) Other, please explain
  • What is one specific way your child has felt celebrated this year? 1)Teacher email, 2) Award Ceremony, 3) Certificate of recognition, 4) Honors List, 5) Awards breakfast/Lunch

  • What is something specific that had a positive impact on your student during the first few weeks of school?[timeline can be changed i.e. month, quarter, semester] 1) Teacher, 2) Support Staff (Guidance, Social Worker, Dean), 3) Extracurricular Activity, 4) Classroom Environment, 5) Peer interactions

  • As we prepare for the end of the semester, we want to recognize the positive impact our teachers and staff have had on your student. Please share where you've seen or heard our staff support your child. Select all that apply. 1) Offered extra academic support, 2) Created a positive learning environment, 3) Encouraged classroom engagement, 4) Collaborated with support services, 5) Demonstrated empathy and understanding, 6) Celebrated student progress 7) Other, please explain
  • What do you like most about [school name]? 1) Sense of community 2) Academic opportunities 3) Opportunity for social/emotional development 3) Teachers and staff 4) Strong sense of school spirit 4) Extracurricular offerings 5) Level of support offered to my child 6) Other, please share
  • Does your student have a teacher that does a great job engaging them in class? Please respond: Yes, Mostly, or No.  If Yes, what does that teacher do?
  • Are there specific school programs that you believe have been beneficial for your student this [insert time frame]? (Option to include a list of programs offered)
  • What has made you feel welcomed at your student's school this year? 
  • Please share the name of a teacher or team member at your child's school who has made a positive impact on your child this year. What did they do?
  • In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, is there a teacher or staff member you would like to recognize with praise? Reply with a comment for us to share with them.

BQs for Staff

  • For Staff: Please give a shoutout by name to a team member who you’ve seen do great work this year! What did they do?
  • For Staff: We want to highlight the positive work of our staff. What specific behaviors, efforts or results typically go unnoticed, but deserve recognition? Select all that apply. 1) Going above and beyond to provide academic support to students, 2) Organizing for extracurricular activities, 3) Addressing parent needs and concerns, 4) Providing social/emotional support to students, 5) Volunteering for school events, 6) Collaborating with and/or supporting fellow teachers, 7) Other, please share more
  • For Staff: Hi from ! What would help you feel valued and appreciated for all of the hard work you’re putting into (insert activity)? Please select all that apply. 1) Raffles 2) Gift cards 3) Luncheons 4) Recognition/Awards 5) Letters of Excellence 6) PTO Day Raffle 7) Other (please share more) 

BQ for Students

  • For Students: What are you most proud of accomplishing first semester? Please reply with the number of your top choice. 1) Improved grades 2) Had perfect attendance 3) Participated in extracurricular activities 4) Supported friends/classmates 5) Other (please share more) 
  • For Students: Share a teacher who has made a difference for you this year. What did they do?

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