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Teacher and Grade Communication

Sample Bonus Questions™ about communication with and by teachers or about grades

  • Are you happy with the communication you are getting from your student’s teachers? Please reply: Yes, Mostly. or No.
  • Did our Parent Teacher Conferences help you better understand your student's progress? Please reply: Yes, Mostly, or No.
  • How useful was your recent Parent Teacher Conference in understanding your student’s experience at our school?  Please respond 1) Very useful 2) Useful 3) Somewhat useful 4) Not useful
  • Do you find it easy to contact your student’s teacher when you need to? Please reply Yes, Mostly, or No.
  • Have you heard from all of your student’s teachers? Please reply: Yes, Mostly, or No.
  • Do you need additional support with any of the following? Please select all that apply: 1) Knowing how to access your student's grades 2) Contacting your student's teacher 3) Understanding assignments

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