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Proof of Capturing Consent to Send SMS Texts

Phone carriers are tightening privacy standards and requiring proof that people are asked for their consent to be texted. This article will help make that easier on you!

Your organization may already have a process that asks people for permission to be texted. If that's the case, you will simply provide a link or screenshot of that process in your Settings. 

If your organization does not yet have a process like this, here's an easy way to meet this requirement: 

  1. Duplicate the form below to create your own version of a consent permission form
  2. Send this form to families or staff. You can provide it in a handbook or any other way you see fit.
  3. Please submit the link to your form in Settings. Note: Possip does not need proof that an individual parent or staff member has given consent to receive SMS texts. We are required to receive proof of your process.

Example Consent Form 1.0