Possip's Strategic Surveys

Ask us about long-form strategic surveys

This service is created with the same concepts of our routine Pulse Checks™ - questions are short, simple, and translatable and answers are compiled in neat reports delivered super quickly. 

Long-form strategic surveys are great when you want to do a deep-dive around a topic or gain a comprehensive understanding of parent satisfaction in critical areas.

Possip will administer distribution of the survey and help you understand the results for different parent demographics. We'll provide a presentation of results for you to share with stakeholders so your feels confident understanding family feedback and speaking to the findings. 

Some common focus areas for long-form surveys include: 

  • Communications 
  • Academic Progress & Teacher Relationships 
  • Community, Culture, Inclusiveness & Diversity 
  • School Operations 

Want to learn more? Email caitlin@possip.com or jasmine@possip.com