School and Staff Pulse Check™ Report Video Overview

Watch this brief Pulse Check™ Report overview to learn about the different sections of the school and staff Pulse Check™ Report.

Watch the Pulse Check™ Report overview video below to learn how to navigate Possip's Pulse Check™ Report.

How to Get to Pulse Check™ Reports:

STEP 1: Log in to Possip

STEP 2: Click "View Reports."

The Possip welcome page with the "View Reports" button circled.

STEP 3: Select your latest report.

The Possip reports page with the "view" button circled.

Video Overview

About the video: Watch this Pulse Check™ Report overview to learn how to navigate Possip's Pulse Check™ Report, which includes two new sections: Follow-up and Trends and Recommendations. The Follow-up section is a dedicated space for you to focus on individual outreach to particular contacts. Trends and Recommendations pulls out trends, flag-worthy comments, and/or recommendations. These comments don't necessarily require individual follow up, but have been elevated by our reporting team to help you more easily determine trends or flags. The goal? To make it even easier for you to quickly prioritize, make decisions, and take in praise and insight from your school community.

Video Time Stamps:

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