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Registering Possip Domains on Your Network

If you are not receiving emails or are unable to access our platform, here are some suggestions for your IT team.

Not receiving Possip emails? Unable to access the platform or reports? More than likely your organization or system has enabled a firewall or spam protection. You could also be opted-out of Possip's emails.


In order to have full access to all of the features offered with your Possip partnership, it is important that both of these domains are registered and/or allowed on your network.



If you are unable to access these sites, please share this information with your organization, school, or system IT department.


As a Possip customer, the most important list to subscribe to is our customer email list (2023-2024 Possip Customers) so you can receive important messages about starting Possip and Possip community events.

If you are unsubscribed, please fill out this form to be prompted to resubscribe. 

When you input your email, you'll notice a link that will send you an email with resubscribe instructions. Make sure to click the link and follow instructions in the email.

Look for this link:

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 10.30.27 AM (1)

Have questions or need assistance logging in? Please email us at support@possip.com.