Where to Find Unreported Responses

View comments that came after a Pulse Check® Report.

Please Note: If you are a District Admin, scroll down to review your specific navigation steps.

Your families and staff can reply to a Pulse Check via email or SMS at any time. While most respondents reply shortly after a Pulse Check message is sent, some might respond after a Pulse Check Report has already been sent to you. These responses are called "Unreported Responses" because they don't appear in Pulse Check Reports. 

FOR SCHOOL ADMIN, here's where to find Unreported Responses in your account: 

STEP 1: Log in to https://www.weeklypossip.com/login and click on Pulse Check Reports to be directed to a header menu.

STEP 2: Click on Unreported Responses. 

STEP 3: Click the View button to review a pop-up of Unreported Responses.


STEP 1: Log in to https://www.weeklypossip.com/login and click on the "School List" icon to be directed to a listing of schools.

School list

STEP 2: Click on the school name you wish to review Unreported Responses for.

Then click on the Unreported Responses tab as described above in this article.

Want to receive email notifications about Unreported Responses? Reach out to your Customer Relationship Manager or support@possip.com.