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How to Input BQ™ First

Learn how to ask your Bonus Question™ first.

There may be times when you strategically ask the BQ™ First. In this case, the sentiment question will follow the BQ™. 

  • Use BQ™ First when you would like the sentiment you're measuring to be about a particular topic. The sentiment question will immediately follow the BQ™, so responders will likely express feelings on this topic presented in the BQ™. 
  • Also use BQ™ First when you are providing information unrelated to the sentiment question, like an RSVP or a link.

Ask the BQ™ second when you primarily want to gauge general sentiment, but still have a specific topic to get feedback on.

STEP 1: Log in to https://www.weeklypossip.com/login

STEP 2: Click on any of the buttons: "Contacts," "Reports," "Documents," or "Dashboard" to be directed to a menu with a "Bonus Question™" button.

STEP 3: Select "Bonus Question™ Bank" and then "Create Bonus Question™."

STEP 4: Input your Bonus Question™ and click "save."

STEP 5: If you would like to assign your Bonus Question™ to your next Pulse Check™ select "Next Pulse Check™." You can also assign it to a "Future Pulse Check™" by toggling over the button and selecting a date. You can select multiple dates to assign a BQ ™ to more than one Pulse Check™.

STEP 6: Select "Preview" and move the BQ™ to the first question position by selecting the up arrow. 

A screenshot of a BQ in Possip with a preview button, send BQ Only button, and Do not send button. Preview is circled.


An up arrow that will adjust the Pulse Check question order next to a sample Bonus Question.