How Do I Find My Next Pulse Check™ Date?

How School Admins can review their next scheduled Pulse Check™ date.

Please Note: If you are a District Admin and wish to see a school's next scheduled Pulse Check™ date, please contact us!


STEP 1: Log in to Possip at and review the center of your landing page. Here, you will find your next scheduled Pulse Check™ date.

An image showing where to locate the next scheduled Pulse Check date.


If you'd like to see your preferred pulse frequency, click the "View Details" link to expand the area of the scheduled Pulse date box. Here, you would see options like: Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, or Onetime.

NOTE: If you would like to know how to review and update your Pulse Check™ schedule, visit this article. [TBD]

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