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When to Ask a Bonus Question in Your Pulse Check: Second, First, or by Itself

Possip provides several ways to customize your Pulse Check® when asking Bonus Questions™.

A Bonus Question (BQ) can be utilized in three different ways in Pulse Checks. Here is a description and some suggestions on when you can use each: 

Standard Bonus Question (Placed Second) 

Where: BQ comes right after the Sentiment Question
  • Provides a consistent Pulse Check experience for your community.
  • Sometimes respondents lose steam after a few questions, so keeping the BQ toward the start of the Pulse Check helps make sure your community sees it and answers.

Bonus Question First

  • High-priority question you want your community to answer first and foremost in the Pulse Check.
  • Will often have a higher Response Rate, especially if it is a hot topic in your community.


  • Response Rate to the Sentiment Question may be lower. If tracking your Sentiment Score™ and Response Rate is a top priority, this may not be the best option for your school. 

Bonus Question Only


  • Recommended when you need to get a high-priority question out fast and want it to be the singular focus of your Pulse Check.
  • Not recommended for frequent use, but is good if you need to share essential links, announcements, and invitations.
  • Can be beneficial to use in the summer or outside the school calendar


  • You will not have a sentiment score for the Pulse Check.

If you need help deciding which BQ approach to use, please reach out to your Customer Relationship Manager or email support@possip.com.