Promoting Student Pulse Checks

Let your students know you're starting Pulse Checks®! This sample template can help with explaining how Pulse Checks work and what to expect!

Copy and modify these sample blurbs to help promote Pulse Checks to your students.

We want to learn about your experience! 

This year, we're partnering with Possip to send Pulse Checks® to students to learn about your experience at school. You'll routinely be asked, "Are you happy with school this week?" To which you can respond YES, MOSTLY, or NO. You'll then be asked to share praise, ideas, questions, or feedback you might have. Occasionally, we will ask you special questions so you can weigh in on decisions and initiatives at our school. 

How we're handling confidentiality

When you take the Pulse Check®, you will be asked if you want to share your name or not. If you choose not to share your name, we won't see who submitted the feedback. The following leaders at our School will view responses: (insert names). Just a note that if feedback concerns student safety, anonymity may be compromised. 


We ask everyone to participate! You will get a Pulse Check® email and can give us consent to text you to if you prefer to reply that way. 

You'll hear back! 

The feedback you share through Possip will help us strengthen the school and encourage staff members with praise you've shared. After every Pulse Check®, we'll recap what we heard and discuss how we will move forward. Thank you in advance for participating! If you have any questions, reach out to (insert point person's name and contact information).