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District/School Communication

Sample Bonus Questions™ about communication from your school or district

  • Are you happy with the communication you’re receiving from the school? Please reply: Yes, Mostly, or No.
  • Are you happy with the communication you are getting from your student’s teachers? Please reply: Yes, Mostly, or No.
  • What would you like our school to do to improve communication with families?
  • Do you know whom to contact at your student’s school for help or support?  Please Reply: Yes or No.
  • How do you prefer to receive communication from the school? Please reply with the number of your top choice: 1) Text 2) Email 3) Social Media 4) Newsletter 5) Robocal 6) Notes sent home 7) Remind app

  • What topics or ideas would be of interest to you for a monthly school email or newsletter?

  • How do you feel about the amount of communication that you are receiving from the school? Please reply: 1) Too Little 2) Just Right 3) Too Much

  • What would MOST improve communication between our school and our families?  Please answer with your top choice. 1) Routine calls from the teacher 2) Weekly newsletter to families 3) Monthly calendar of events and classroom plans 4) Materials translated into my preferred language 5) Support with apps for communicating with teachers

  • How do you use the (insert name of parent portal)? Please choose as many as apply: 1) Check Grades 2) Communicate with Teachers 3) Update Contact Information 4) Receive School Alerts 5) Other 6) I do not use the (name of the portal)

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