Celebrating and Sharing the Highlights Section

Use praise quotes highlighted in your report to celebrate your teachers and staff!

The Highlights section of the Pulse Check Report shows Highlight Quotes (Possip Praise).

These highlights are displayed anonymously and can easily be shared using the "email" button, which will automatically populate an email with a comment, or the "copy" button, which will copy the text to your clipboard, so you can easily paste it into a staff newsletter, social media graphic, or document. 

Three Possip parent highlight quotes with the "email" and "copy" button. near them.

Possip partners share praise in creative ways! Inglewood Elementary in Metro Nashville Public Schools shares teacher praise on social media year round. Rockwood Preparatory Academy in Portland Oregon uses parent praises on a special parent perspectives page. During Teacher Appreciation Week and all year, you can use Possip quotes to celebrate your team! Gain inspiration and ideas for your school community by clicking the links.

If you're looking for more parent praise to share, scroll down to the Possip Praise section of the Pulse Check Report to expand or collapse even more praise!

The Possip Praise section of the report, which features a collapsable drop down arrow.