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Beginning of the Year

Sample Bonus Questions™ to ask in the first month of school

  • Do you have the materials and resources you need for your student to succeed in school this year: Yes or No? If No, please tell us more about your needs.
  • Do you feel you received enough school communication to start the school year? Yes, Mostly, or No
  • Please share one thing your student’s teacher did to make them feel excited to start the year.
  • Please share something specific that had a positive impact on your student during the first few weeks of school. (i.e. extracurriculars, academics, registration, teacher, etc.)
  • How do you prefer to receive communication from the school? Please reply with the number of your choice below: 1) Text 2) Email 3) Social Media 4) Newsletter 5) Robocall
  • We’re planning family and parent events for the school year. Please reply with the number of the one event you’re most interested in. (List your potential events here, i.e. 1) Back to School BBQ 2) Turkey Bingo, etc.)

Need help editing any of these questions to match your specific need? Reach out to your Customer Relationship Manager or support@possip.com.