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Sample Bonus Questions™ to learn more about barriers to student attendance

  • Attendance every day is critical. Do you have any barriers that prevent your student from attending school?
  • Are you concerned about your child’s school attendance? Please reply: Yes or No. If yes, let us know why and please share your name so we can help.
  • It’s Attendance Awareness Month! Do you have any barriers to getting your student to school each day? Please reply: Yes or No.  If yes, please reply with your top barrier. 1) Health 2) Transportation 3) Suspension 4) Language barriers 5) Other
  • Would any of the following help encourage your student to attend school every day? Please reply with all that apply: 1) Transportation assistance 2) Language assistance 3) School breakfast 4) More extracurricular activities 5) Emotional-support centers in school 6) A support person, like a mentor
  • Hi from ! What motivates your child to attend school? Please reply with all that apply. 1) Getting to be with friends 2) Teachers/Staff Members 3) Course choices 4) Becoming college ready 5) In school activities 6) After school activities 7) Other- (please explain what else motivates your child to attend)

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