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Academics: Curriculum & Support

Sample Bonus Questions™ to ask about curriculum, grades, and academic support

  • What types of academic support would you like to see at school this year? Please respond with the number of all supports you would like to see provided. 1) Tutoring 2) Advanced work 3) Small group support 4) Homework help  5) Other
  • What academic support does your student need at this time?
  • What academic goals do you have for your student this year?
  • Are you able to clearly understand your student’s academic performance and progress (e.g. assignments, grades, attendance) using our school’s online tools? Please reply: Yes, Mostly, or No
  • Do you contact your student's teachers when you have concerns about their academic progress? Please reply: Yes, Sometimes, or No.
  • Do you feel informed about your student’s academic progress? Please reply: Yes, Mostly, or No.
  • Do you feel our school supports your student successfully in terms of their academic needs?
  • What resources do you need to support your student’s learning at home? Please reply with your top choice: 1) Tips for learning at home; 2) Tutoring; 3) Tools for standardized test preparation; 4) 504 support; 5) Tools for emotional and social learning 6) Other, please explain 7) None
  • Are you satisfied with the amount and quality of homework your student receives? Please reply: Yes, Mostly, or No.
  • How do you feel about how much your student uses technology at school?  Please reply: 1) Too much 2) Too little  3) Just enough

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