Ready to Use 360 Communication Scripts™ for Schools: Released Jan. 25, 2021

360 Scripts™ after each Pulse Check™ make it easy to share trends with your stakeholders.

Possip's 360 Scripts™ are written for schools after each Pulse Check™. They help principals and administrators easily communicate report results with families or staff through a newsletter or robocall. 360 Scripts™ summarize trends with language that is simple, anonymized, and meant to disperse widely. 

360 Scripts™ include these elements:

  • # of people who have provided feedback over the course of the school year
  • % of people who responded they were happy or mostly happy during the week's Pulse Check™ (Note: We've updated this to reflect a % as of January 27)
  • Praise or feedback trends - If no trends were present that week, the 360 Script™ encourages folks to send in praise, appreciation, and feedback in the next Pulse Check™
  • A brief statement on how feedback and ideas are used, so parents know what to expect

Sample 360 Customized Script

With our latest release, these 360 Scripts™ are now easier to access, with a button right by its companion report! School admins can click here to learn where to find 360 Scripts™. 
Here is a great way a Possip partner is using 360 practices! If you want to learn more about getting 360 Scripts™ for your school, reach out to
Note: You will only notice 360 Scripts™ dated January 24, 2021 or later. If needed, 360 Communication Scripts™ created before the 24th can be found in your Documents tab.