Data Dashboard: Released Aug. 13, 2020

Possip launched a School Data Dashboard!

The new 'Stats' Dashboard is your resource for data on engagement, equity and reach! You'll find: 

  • Sentiment Stats measuring how people's sentiment toward your organization is changing over time, and if their expectations for happiness, needs, or comfort are being met. 
  • Data Quality Stats showing how many people you reach, and opportunities to improve contact lists so you can reach more. 
  • Engagement Stats like the number of attempts you have made to engage people, and the number of people who have engaged or unengaged over time - so you can meet people where they are and determine if additional outreach is needed. 
  • Equity Stats like a breakdown of languages for your contact list.

Learn more about the Sentiment Question, and see your Sentiment Graph: 

A pie graph depicting language breakdown. In this example, Spanish and English are the largest pieces of the pie chart.

Learn more about your Data Quality Stats and how to use them! Data Quality Stats include: 

Stats Dashboard highlights, such as number of total contacts, percent of contacts reachable by mobile, percent of contacts un-reachable by mobile, percent reachable by email, percent unreachable by email.

A pie chart of phone number breakdown with mobile, landline, and undefined categories. A piechart of email breakdown flagged as reached or unreachable by email. A contact preference piechart broken down by prefers text, prefers email, or prefers both. A piechart of inactive users categorized as undefined, opted-out, unsubscribed, and unreachable.

Learn more about your Engagement Stats and how to use them! Engagement Stats include:

A line graph displaying cumulative parent voices. The x axis includes dates and the y axis includes number of parent voices.

A line graph displaying number of Pulse Checks distributed by SMS and Email. The x axis includes date and the Y axis includes number of Pulse Checks.

A line graph charting number of unreported responses. On the x axis are dates and on the y axis are number of unreported responses.

Equity Stats include a breakdown of language preferences for your contacts. 

A pie graph depicting language breakdown. In this example, Spanish and English are the largest pieces of the pie chart.

Want to learn more or have ideas for other stats you would like to see? Possip learns what tools and resources are needed through your feedback! Share your ideas by emailing Possip at