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Semester Bonus Questions™

Want to schedule Bonus Questions™ out for a semester of school? Here are some ideas of questions you can queue up!

WEEK 1-3

Operations (General Topics)

“What feedback do you have for the school regarding [beginning of year operations]?” 

COVID Protocols

“What additional information do you need about our COVID protocols?”


What feedback or praise do you have for the school’s carline process?” 

“Do you believe our drop off procedures are safe and efficient? A). Yes.  B). No

Registration/enrollment process

What feedback do you have for the school regarding the registration process?”

Meet the Teacher Night

“Meet the Teacher Night is on _____. What do you hope to learn at that event?” OR “Meet the Teacher Night is on _____. Are you planning to attend? Yes or No.” 

Parent Contact Information

“What is the best {address/email/phone] we can use to reach you this school year?

Front Office Staff

“Do you feel welcomed and supported when you enter the front office?”

Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting Sign Off/RSVP

“Were you able to attend the Title 1 Parent Meeting? Yes or No. If ‘NO”, would you like more information?”

WEEK 4-5

Back to School Event Feedback/RSVP

“We have _____event on ______. Will you be able to attend? Yes or No”

“What days and times work best for you and your family for school events?”

“What feedback and/or praise do you have for our ____ event?”

Parent Organization Information

“Are you interested in getting involved in our PTA? Respond Yes, No, or I need more information.”

Communication Check-in

“Are you satisfied with the communication you are getting from the school and your child’s teachers? Yes or No?”

WEEK 6-7

BOY MAP or assessments

 “Beginning of year MAP testing starts next week. What questions do you have about that exam?” 

SEL Needs

 “What social-emotional support does your child need?”

“Do you/your student know how to get in touch with a counselor at school?”


“Does your child have at least one friend that they connect with at school?”

“Do you/your student know who to talk to if they or a peer feels they are being bullied?”

School Safety

“Do you feel [school name] is a safe school for your student?”

WEEK 8-10

Academic Progress Check

“Do you feel up to date with your child’s academic progress and current grades?”

Teacher Name

“Do you know the name of your child’s teacher?’

WEEK 11-15

Parent-Teacher Conferences

“Do you have any feedback that could help us improve parent-teacher conferences?”

General Check-In

“Overall, are you satisfied with your child's experience at [school]?”

Homework Check-In

Are you satisfied with the amount, quality, and communication about homework?”

WEEK 16-18

Tutoring Programs

“Are you interested in a tutoring program for your student?”

“Do you have feedback or praise for our tutoring program so far this school year?”

WEEK 19-22

Report Cards

“We'll be sending Report Cards soon! Does the school have your current address?”

Break Communication

“Enjoy your break! Do you have any questions or needs as we wrap up this semester?” 

General Semester Feedback

“What general praise or feedback do you have for the school regarding this semester?”


“Do you have any barriers that prevent your student from attending school?”


What BQs™ would you add to this list? Let us know at support@possip.com.

Learn how to add and schedule BQs™ here.