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Best Practices for Writing Bonus Questions™

Writing your own Bonus Questions™? Consider these best practices!

The Bonus Question™

The Possip Bonus Question™ (BQ™) is optional. It's a powerful tool to leverage when you have high priority questions or need to quickly share links and invitations with families or staff. 

You may want to ask Bonus Questions™ about virtual learning, attendance, health and safety, or more. View sample Bonus Questions™ and gain inspiration here.

  • Ask one question at a time. Ask a single, direct question using simple language that easily translates. 
  • Ask yes/no or multiple-choice questions. This allows for easy sorting of answers and easy analysis so you can share a graph of data with your team. 
  • Use BQ Only when you need to get a high-priority question out fast and want it to be the singular focus. 
  • Try BQ First to share important links and invitations first. 
  • District-wide samplings are a great practice if you have a lot of questions to ask in a very short period of time. Consider a district-wide sampling of several questions within the same Pulse Check™.
  • Put proper nouns in ALL CAPS so these phrases aren't translated.